Zhou Qingxue said:“I wrote the script myself,I shouldn’t have a big problem with lines or something,Just now everyone practiced the plot,I felt it was pretty good,Next, we need to think about each scene,Everyone can express their opinions,Use your own ingenuity,See how to make the drama more perfect!”
Everyone thought in silence for a while,Jiang Lumeng said:“Minister Zhou,Just acted according to your script,I personally think it is very good,Not much opinion,I will act as you say,Listen to you!”
Others nodded in agreement,They all said that they had no opinion to follow Zhou Qingxue’s arrangements.。
I thought about it:“No problem in other aspects,I would like to give some personal opinions on the beginning for your reference!The last part of our story is to die in a boat,My suggestion is that Liu Sanmei sang on the shore at first,And Aniu can shake the scull,Two people sing a duet across the river,It’s better to compare before and after!”
Zhou Qingxue said happily:“This suggestion is very good,I will change it into the script!Thanks Jiang Fengyuan,Does anyone else have any comments??”
Paused,Looked at everyone,Everyone shook their heads and expressed no opinion,So she said:“It’s late,Thank you for your hard work today,Left from the show2Week time,Our time does not change every Saturday and Sunday mornings9point,in the afternoon2Point set,The locations are in the student activity center,Everyone work hard to make the show well!”
Waiting for everyone to leave,I helped close the classroom and props,Leave with the two beauties。
On the road,To deepen Xiang Qingru’s impression of me,I think of the more famous local love stories in my previous life。
So I laughed with the second girl:“Can i ask you some questions?”
“can,You ask!”
To arouse their interest,I first asked a question that all girls are most concerned about,I said to Xiang Qingru:“Have you gained weight recently?”
“No,Why do you say that?You are dying,Dare to say i’m fat!”Xiang Qingru exploded immediately,Nervous answer。
I smiled and said:“Then why is your weight in my heart getting heavier?”
She gave me a few blows with a shy look,Zhou Qingxue looked at us two with a playful face,I quickly told them:“You misunderstood,It was actually a joke just now,Just like a brain teaser,It’s the more popular gameplay on our side,Called the Taste of Love,Ha ha!”