But Fu Yunfei can tell,Bai Wushuang’s mood is obviously different。
He thought,Shen Huan’s Ways to Coax Girls,That’s really top-notch,That’s how it solved Bai Wushuang’s problem,Won’t let Bai Wushuang feel any favor。
Over time,When Bai Wushuang found that he couldn’t live without Shen Huan,When it’s all the shadow of Shen Huan,What else can she refuse??
It must be only married to Shen Huan,Her life will be full of confidence and motivation,And joyful。
Unexpectedly dealing with such a cold girl,Shen Huan has a way,No wonder he has so many great girlfriends。
But instead, Fu Yunfei also shook his head。
Shen Huan is still too young!
Facing such a major scientific subject,For a woman,And deliberately slow down。
Doesn’t he know,Is there a huge gap between theory and practice??
Don’t look at you, Shen Huan has a clue about writing the paper,But in real practice,I’m afraid three to five years、I couldn’t do anything practical in seven or eight years。
This is in physics,Is simply too common。
Tesla100The theories put forward years ago,Many have not yet entered the practical stage。
But think again,After all, this is Shen Huan’s first physics-related experiment。
Even if he was unsuccessful for three to five years,At that time, Shen Huan will also accumulate a lot of experience and lessons,For his next development in physics,Is of great benefit。