He forgot that his hands are muddy,And now Zifeng’s hair is also muddy,Su Luo forced to calm the road:“All right,All spread out to find eel,Remember what i just said,It’s definitely not difficult to catch eel。”</p>
Su Luo also searched in the quagmire,Not long after,I saw a thing with teeth and claws in the mud。</p>
A crayfish waving big tongs,When in danger,The deadly killer is two big pliers。</p>
Caught people,It’s going to be painful,But subdue it,Can’t trouble Su Luo,Start directly from behind。</p>
Pinch both sides of its back,Lobster’s tongs,Can’t rotate without dead ends,Throw into the fish basket,Put the lid on to prevent this little thing from running out。</p>
Then continue to search for stalls,And the girls,It’s also a character explosion,Caught two in a row,They were dug by Zifeng and Zhu Xudan.。</p>
Only Fat Di has nothing,A little unhappy,More attentively to search for the eel。</p>
almost,I caught five or six unagi,I got a lot of crayfish,Should be enough。</p>
Su Luo glanced into the distance,Girl Di who is still concentrating on searching,A crooked idea suddenly popped up。</p>
Walked over with a serious face,Looked at her and said:“do not move,There is something on your face。”</p>
Reba a listen,Hurriedly straightened up,Asked nervously:“What’s wrong with my face?”</p>
For girls,Nothing,More important than face and body,Su Luodao:“Don’t move,I will help you get it away。”</p>
Su Luo looked serious and serious,Fat Di didn’t think much,Let Su Luo stretch out his claws。</p>
Su Luo first drew two eye sockets with mud,Then when I draw the nose down,Reba noticed something was wrong。</p>
Because she was injured and muddy,So I rolled up my sleeves,I touched my face with my arm,Then all mud。</p>
Fat Di realized that he was fooled,Angrily with teeth and claws rushed over,And this time,Su Luo already escaped。</p>