Looking for the most beautiful autumn limit version of Jinan’s autumn has been launched

Powder chaos grass into autumn day. Pink does not know when, pink has become the exclusive autumn.

The grazing of a piece of powder is "blossoms" in Quancheng.

There is no flour sea, and the girl is captured in minutes. Walking, the half-length powder is in the grass, as if it is in the pink cloud sea.

In Huashan Lake Ecological Wetland Park, you can not only enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers, the lakes of the lake, but also appreciate the grace of the dream, such as dreams of clouds. In the "Four Seasons of Huahai" in the Ziyuan Valley Garden, at this time, a gentle embarrassment with the beautiful powder messy grass. In the autumn wind, the pink flower sea in the Shanghe Country Park is the 上海最贵的洗浴中心 most romantic, and the flowers are blown by wind, and they set off a rolling spray.

Every red in the autumn, the mountains in Jinan are full of red leaves, and the land is dyed. In this, it seems that it will enter the fairyland, which is refreshing. "Nanshan has a red leaf, the more causing cream is more absent." Red Leaf Valley is an excellent place to watch red leaves since ancient times.

After the frost fall (October 23), he asked high heel tower, Wan Mountain red, and floral forests, dotted in various specialty parks, like a magnificent and magical picture of the tourists; The floral forest continues to change color in the field of vision, and the breeze is soaked to make people "parking sitting on love Fenglin night, frost leaf red in February flowers" poems.

Also located 闵行会所你懂的 in the Nine Mountain Scenic Area in the southern mountainous area, the Red Maple Festival is being held, the red leaves are complement to the landscape garrow waterfall, the pavilion chart, leisurely.

One go to the fall, in addition to the southern mountainous area, other places in Jinan are also fun, such as the color of the colorful mountain village of Zhangqiu, is also a picture of autumn. Zhang Qiuzhuang Reservoir next to the entire mountain beam is covered with red leaves, occasionally there are two yellow green small trees, standing in the mountains and looking at the far mountains, and the foot of the mountains, beautiful scenery.

When the Laiwu Xiangshan Scenic Area, the ancient village was wrong, and the mountain spring flowed in the day and night. In addition to the red and red persimmon branches, the poetry of the full autumn, and the holiday is not easy to traffic, and it is a great choice for the weekend.