Luzhai: Gentian Peiqiang strong party building rural village is effective

In recent years, Luzhai County has built the 上海浦东品茶会馆 party construction as a strong engine that led the revitalization of rural residence, and tightly bucking this first-line battle fortress, continuously consolidating the rural revitalization of the organization, and promoting the rural rejuvenation strategy in the countryside. Building a strong grassroots organization, consolidating the village revitalization "cornerstone". Implement the "Action of the Party Organization Place" to create more than 200 benchmarks. Focus on the construction of the "Promotional Gallery" series of "Quality Gallery", invested more than 47.3 million yuan to promote the standardization standardization of all the county’s village-level organizational activities.

In-depth promotion of the "starization" management of the village-level party 上海油压 organization, the 67 village autonomous regions, and 36 villages have been awarded the municipal "Hongqi Village". Developing and strengthening the village-level collective economy, investing hundreds of millions of dollars, asset management, industrial supporting, e-commerce entrepreneurship and other models, realizing all the county villages (community) collective economic annual income of 50,000 yuan.

Innovation implements the "party construction project" project, investing 25.8 million yuan, creating 75 party building projects, built a rural revitalization demonstration zone with Luzhai characteristics of Dasu Village, Zhongdu Town, Luzhai Town.

Select the best of the strengthening the stream, and the rural villages revitalize "pillars".

The implementation of the village cadres "Batty Cultivation Plan", selection of the "head geese" team of 119 village Party Organizations; at the same time, 939 political quality is high, familiar with "three rural" work, and the ability to enter the village " The team, building a rural resulted talent fortress.

Carry out "new farmers" and cultivate activities, investment special funds more than 6 million yuan, focus on the development of large-term training, field micro-class teaching, telegramation platform regular broadcast, etc., focus on party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development History and rural practical technology, etc. Improve the organization of the organization, stabilize the country to revitalize "Liangzi". The establishment of the party committee to promote the leadership team of the county party committee to promote the resulinage work leading group, implement the member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee to grasp the grassroots party construction link system, the township party committee team member package, the party construction work and center work with the same plan, and deploy, solve The party building a rural resulinage problem more than 60 pieces. Establishing party membership leaders to contact the Party Branch System, the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, the Party Committee (Party) Secretary and the members of the team members have established more than 770 contact points, and 23 communities were stationed in the party, helping the grassroots party organizations to upgrade. Establish "Party Member + Poor Household" to help 2,300 rural party members, drive more than 500 poor party members, more than 4,000 poor people in more than 4,000 poor people. Implementing the "Party Pioneer Leading" activities, guide party members to serve the village, serve the masses, to solve more than 1,500 problems for the masses, and serve the party members more than 10,000 people.

In-depth promotion of the integral classification management of rural party members, select 1096 pioneers, and constantly enhance the mission of rural party members, honor, and help rural residence.

(茂 中 建) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei).