Lixin Rural Commercial Bank: "Credit Train" enters "Autumn Collection Place"

Time enters the peak season of autumn grain, in order to meet the needs of food storage companies, so that the food farmer is more convenient to get cash, Lixin Rural Commercial Bank is guided by customer needs, gathering the county partner alliance, effectively breaking food Take a difficult problem in the insufficient cash and weak financial services.

As of November 10, the bank issued nearly 100 million yuan for food storage loans.

Scientific planning. Established a grain storage loan work leading group, polymerization industry tube, credit, etc. Leading force, investigate the gap of the county autumn harvest food and reservoirs, scientific payment loan funds; relying on the status of the county financial center library, join hands together Commercial bank, build the county food storage financial ecotropic circle; joining the county agricultural committee, county food bureau, formulating the county summer harvest network, subdivision, key customer level, ensuring accurate docking; implement team member pack, Department Manager, Branch, Branch, Bravan, and Customer Manager’s "four bags" mechanism, the first questioning responsible person system in the food storage store of Natural Village, the county, promoting the branch customer manager to actively contact the food planting in the jurisdiction, Professional cooperatives and agricultural resources companies ensure that autumn harvest problems effectively crack.

Innovative products. According to the innovation ideas of the "credit factory" "product workshop", increase the products and service innovation of the food storage industry, create "farmhouse" "Golden Land" "to help farm" "speed loan" "Jin Nongnong E Loan "and other hierarchical libraries; innovatively launched" storage reservoirs "and food stock mortgage third-party regulatory loans according to the financial needs of food storage companies and individual retail, solving the problem of non-mortgageless non-guaranteed loans; Create a closed-loop food storage financial ecotrophone, realize the unidirectional flow between the farmer’s business, the food storage company and the food storage enterprise, enhance the added value of food storage funds; vigorously promote the "Golden Agriculture and Farmer E Loan" and other loans Issue, effectively increase the number of autumn harvest practitioners in the county, create a multi-level support pathway; achieve effective docking of the poverty poverty population and the food storage loans, give full play to the support of the poverty poverty population, promote realization It has been sold by the poverteilly farmer’s grain.贵族宝贝419

Quality service.

Actively carry out the "credit support storage households, support three farmers" activities, fully activate the innovative enthusiasm and initiative of township branch, one-on-one to provide intimate services for food storage companies and farmers; 29 township branch in the county "Love Volunteer Servers" sign, set up a volunteer team, for the demand for storage companies, to provide cash distribution, payment settlement and other equal equivalent financial services; give full play to the function of flowing financial services vehicles, cash service Solve the problem of not enough funds for the storage enterprises; open food storage green window in the business hall, to extract green channels for storage companies, solve cash-collected problems; lead the autumn harvesting 闵行干磨300群 meeting, build farmers and food storage companies A finishing platform, cracking the structural reform problem for supply side.

Discount interest rate.

Strictly implement policy requirements for enterprises, through model testing, according to the principle of the benchmark interest rate, scientifically formulate food storage loan interest rates; fully play the interest rate independent pricing advantage, implement "one household and one profit" "one", Effectively reduce the interest rate of food storage, and effectively reduce the cost of food storage companies; Supply; with "Golden Agricultural EN" as the cut hand, open the line on the line, the two-story borrowing method, the food storage leading company and well-known purchasing sales company, on the basis of the original interest rate, based on the original interest rate, on the basis of the original interest rate Let the measures to effectively mitigate the cost of enterprise. (Li Xiaogang) (Editor: Huang Yan, Palace) Sharing let more people see.