Machang Town Linka Village promotion new technology promotes the upgrade of pepper industry

The village of Linka Village is picking a pepper. "The peppers that use new technologies are not only increased, but also insect anti-drought resistance." On August 2nd, in the troi base, Linka Village, Town, Town, said that the catei pepper planted this year, Lin Ka The secretary of the Party Branch of the Village Brow. It is understood that there is a long history of pepper planting history and tradition, "Lin Card Chili" is far known.

There are 2176 villagers in Linka Village, which basically rely on 上海足浴发廊论坛 planting pepper and vegetables. At present, the village has a pepper planting area of ??about 300 acres.

However, due to the lag of local agricultural infrastructure construction, and the villagers have long-term cultivation, pepper has a variety of varieties, pests and pests, and decrease in production. In this regard, the Racard Town Agricultural Service Center invites experts from Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences to transform and upgrade the local pepper industry, and introduce new technologies such as floating seedlings and cultivation techniques and other new technologies. "When promoting new technologies, the villagers’ response is not high.

"Zhou Mingxin said that in order to dispel the villagers, Linka Village supported a pepperco cooperative, circulating 40 mu of land to create a 青浦哪家会所好 pepper planting base, take the lead in planting a pepper." On the one hand, it is demonstrated to the masses, and dispel everyone. Consises, on the other hand, the development of the pepper industry can also strengthen the village collective economy, and accumulate funds in the development of the next industrial development. "The efforts of these half years have no whitepets, which proves that new technologies are feasible, which is worth promoting.

"Zhou Mun newly said, seeing the changes brought by new technologies, many villagers have changed their thoughts. In recent days, many villagers found him, saying that they would like new technologies. According to reports, next 上海各区高端海选 step, Lin Ka Village will Continuously strengthen agricultural infrastructure construction, introduce pepper processing enterprises, etc. Brand. (Editor: Wu Feng (internship), Chen Kangqing).