Market Money Effect Deneakably Personal Investors Quarterly Survey show financial sector or adjusted direction

  In the past quarter, the A-share market showed a volatility. The risk preferences in the field have fallen, and the individual investors have also cool down. However, in the overall asset, equity assets are still mainly mainly configured, and individual investors are still confident in the future market. From the specific sector, this year, the market has continued to show a structural differentiation, technology, cycle, and new energy and other plates.

The results of the Shanghai Securities News quarterly personal investor survey show that individual investors have cautious attitudes to the future of cycle stocks, but the views on new energy sections are relatively optimistic.

At the same time, some investors turned their attention to the low valuation financial sector due to the expectation of some consumer stocks.

  Undefined three-quarter earning effect Attenuated most investors still have confidence in the market. This survey shows that individual investors who achieve profitability in the third quarter account for 40%, which is significantly lower than the previous quarter.

However, the adjustment of the single quarter did not have a big impact on investor confidence, and most investors did not change their stock asset allocation programs. From the position of the position, 44% of investors said that the current position has declined in the previous quarter, the most proportion is the highest, and 26% of investors said that the position has risen in the previous quarter; another 30% investment It means that the position remains unchanged. In the future of the next quarter, investors also show more stable expectations.

In the current survey, think individual investors accounted for the fourth quarter of 2021, the Shanghai Composite Index closed red can be 72%, compared to the average for the period of the investigation. Wherein 32% of investors that rise more than 5%; 40% increase investors that between 0% and 5%.

Meanwhile, most investors to predict stock index volatility hub centered around 3500 points, the market is more consistent to maintain a narrow range of market expectations in the fourth quarter. But it is worth noting that the trend of the plate that may arise in the future, there are 28% of investors said it is difficult to judge, the highest proportion of all the options, this results in nearly a year of investigation is the first time. This shows that, over a period of time than the A shares hotspots scattered, sector rotation acceleration, the current individual investors to judge the market is difficult to form a consensus on the main line.

  undefined Nearly nine investors are expected to account North Exchange in early September, Beijing announced the establishment of the stock exchange. For the establishment of the North Exchange in the current investors surveyed, 26% believed that North Exchange will facilitate the establishment of capital markets continue to serve the real economy, the highest proportion; 25% of investors believe that North Exchange the establishment of three new board reform is conducive to deepening; 15% of investors believe that would be positive for brokerage, venture capital and other financial stocks; 11 percent of investors said would be positive for innovation and entrepreneurship for small and medium enterprises. At the same time, the current survey results also showed that nearly ninety percent of investors said that it has considered or open an account in the North Exchange. Of these, 23% of investors said the account has been in the North to pay; 35% of investors are ready to open an account; 28% of investors will be subject to open an account. When asked about the current investment value of the three new board that the new three-panel investment logic occurred after the establishment of the North Exchange changed, steering performance and growth investors accounted for 26%, the highest proportion.

In addition, that the new three-panel market liquidity, the company still needs to improve the texture investors accounted for 13%, 8%, respectively.

  undefined concept of new energy or to see full-year mainline from the plate configuration, the new energy concept almost throughout the whole year in 2021 prices.

In the third quarter, new energy, represented by high economic track stocks hit record highs.

But when asked whether he had new energy stocks held in the third quarter, only 42% of investors said the investment involved, while nearly six investors that did not participate in the new energy sector. Earnings data cross analysis shows that in the past quarter, the new energy sector holds over stock investors, there% of investors positive returns, investors have% loss; is not configured to invest in the new energy sector who have% of investors positive returns, investors have% loss. This set of data shows that in the third quarter, the new energy sector can configure hedging losses to a considerable extent.

  Need to be reminded that, as of the end of the third quarter of the year as the main line of the new energy sector has accumulated no small gains. When asked whether the next quarter, still plans to hold new energy stocks, 47% of investors said it would configure the appropriate amount; 29% of investors said it would sharply configuration; another 24% of investors said they did not prepare configuration.

  Further in-depth analysis of the data shows that in the third quarter through new energy stocks held by investors, nearly ninety percent of people plan to continue to hold the new energy sector in the next quarter.

Among them, there are investors ready% of the amount of configuration, there is a significant% of investors ready to configure the new energy stocks.

Meanwhile, investors in the past quarter did not hold in the new energy sector, about two-thirds of investors plan Opening of new energy in the next quarter.

Of these, a significant percent of investors ready configuration;% of investors ready to have the amount of configuration. This set of data shows that the majority of current investors are still optimistic about the new energy sector, but investors already hold a whole new energy stocks in its market outlook is more optimistic, more likely in the future gallon; failed to get on the new energy sector investors present polarization state, not ready to configure the new energy stocks and investors ready substantial Opening the sector is roughly equal proportion. undefined consumer banking stocks weak trend of White Horse haven funds into the third quarter, when asked whether to hold too large consumer segment, 26% of investors said had held, in the current survey, the ranking cycle, new 闵行区419哪家服务好 energy after the plate.

  And earnings data cross analysis showed that consumption in the third quarter holding the White Horse shares, the investor, there is profit% of investors have suffered losses% of investors; the consumer does not hold the White Horse investors, there% of investors profit,% of investors suffered losses. This set of survey data also match the consumption share market performance over a period of time.

  Investors hold shares in the consumer, there is consumer stocks% of people think long-term performance and stability, currently belongs to the normal fluctuations in performance, the highest proportion of all options; only% of investors believe that the performance of the industry growth rate of decline appears inflection point.

In the investor does not hold consumer stocks, there are people who believe that consumer% growth 上海私人外卖工作室 rate of decline of industry performance inflection point has occurred, the highest proportion of all options; identify stable long-term performance of the consumer sector investors accounted for% of all options lowest proportion.

  In the fourth quarter, underestimate the value of banking sector funds tend to be a safe haven.

The survey results show that, when asked whether he would hold bank shares in the fourth quarter, 54% of investors said it would properly configured, the highest proportion; represents a substantial configuration of bank shares accounted for 16% of investors; irrespective of the configuration of banking stocks investors accounted for 18%; and 12% of investors said it would rallies holdings of bank shares.

  The data also shows that three quarters of investors to hold consumer stocks, the bank plans to substantially configured 上海喝茶高端qq as% share in the fourth quarter, only% said not prepared to configure the banking sector.

But in the third quarter holdings of cyclical stocks and energy stocks the new investors in the fourth quarter, ready to buy the banking sector accounted for about 30% of the people, not totally optimistic about the future of the banking sector accounted for about 15%.