Lu Liang offensive, "The Main Battlefield" into a cadre "big examination room"

  Original title: Lu Liang offensive attack "Main battlefield" Cheng cadre "big examination room" good cadres to the poverty poverty first line to the cadre from the universal leader, more than 1,800 first secretary is active in the poverty reduction of "main battlefield", 158 people are promoted 7 people were recalled "The first secretary has grievances and warmth, sweat also has tears.

But Luo Shiji’s encouragement gave me confidence, I want to use your feelings, force, do this work well, never live up to the organization’s heavy strike! "On June 11th, Zhang Zhi, the first secretary of the Zhanzhai Village, Qikou Town, Linxian Province, conveyed 31 first secretary of the town, and said that this is a deep affection.

In the past three years, this 80-year-old cadre introduced 2.6 million yuan of funds to improve the village infrastructure.

Last year, the period is round, and Zhang Zhi took the initiative to stay.

  Implement the spirit of the first secretary of the province’s party branch, Lu Liang organizes more than 1,800 first secretary original taste of the city, the original, the original, the spirit of the provincial 上海私人会所 party committee, Luo Huining speech, and listed it as the city’s first secretary training must be selected. At the same time, the city research decided to train the first secretary, the same conditions priority, particularly excellent, mature conditions. In the "Time Examination" of the poverty, the Times of the Times, the Organization Department of Luliang City and the county is actively put in and insists on the overall economic and social development of the economic and social development.

In the past three years, more than 1,800 first secretary went to the leverance of the honesty.

The Municipal Recovery Association sent the first secretary of Shenxiaun Village, Xia Jao Lin, Zhongyang County, because of his good, last year, the whole ticket was elected secretary of the village party branch.

上海找新茶   The main battlefield of the extraordinary attack, is also the "big examination room" of the identification of cadres.

In 2015, Li Cuiye, deputy director of the business department of Lu Liang Municipal Administration, took the initiative to serve as the first secretary of Nantong Village, Xingxia Town, Xingxian.

Two years later, Nantong Village came off the "poor hat".

Last year, the period was full of rotation, which has been promoted to Li Cuiye, which is the positive departmental cadre, will continue to stay. Like Li Cuihui, at present, the two levels of the county in Luliang City have a good job, good, and 158 first secretary highly satisfied.

At the same time, seven first secretors who are not allowed by "Hanging Bill" are recalled.


  How to let the "first secretary" live in the countryside, do you have? Lu Liangzhi’s first secretary management, established a recall, re-selection, training, quit, recall, assessment, incentive, guarantee, coordination, accountability. It is particularly worth mentioning that this year, Lu Liang has increased 50,000 yuan for each Baocou Village of the city, which is used to solve problems such as living in the village.

Recently, Lu Liang City conducted "home visit" to the first secretary, coordinating the difficulties and problems encountered in life. Helping the cost is not good, the masses come to judge. Liu Zhiyong, the first secretary of Tianjiashan Village, Sanxion Town, Linxian, raised more than 6 million yuan, built a high-standard "four good" rural roads in the village, known as the villagers called "Tianjiashan Village themselves". Up to now, Luliang City introduces 1138 funds from all kinds of funds, 1138 projects, and benefit from the poor.

  Luliang Municipal Committee, organizational Minister Qin Shunyi said that the first secretary is selected, and the strong vitality and motivation injecting strong vitality, it is the urgent front of the first party in the province; at the same time, it is also cultivating agriculture, love rural areas. Important channels of young cadres who love farmers.

Next, we will continue to do this, and long-term work. (Reporter Zhao Junqing Wang Shaoo).