The Ministry of National Defense introduced the construction and development of the joint reform of the joint service.

People’s Network Beijing September 30th This afternoon of the National Defense Department, the Secretary of the Department of Defense, the Secretary of Defense News Bureau, Wu Qian, the Department of Defense, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, has introduced the construction and development of the leading service for the joints of the joints.

Wu Qian said that the unit of affordable forces is the main force for the implementation of the joint service guarantee and strategic campaign, which is an important part of the modern military power system of Chinese characteristics. September 2016, the flag was established, the military soldiers sequence, by the Central Military Commission Direct leadership management.

For 5 years, the forces have resolutely listen to the party command, focus can win, and share the reform and innovation, high quality and efficient guarantee, and strive to build a strong modern liability forces. First, the linition system has been reshaped in reform.

Establish joint security system, steadily and editing strength, stabilize the interface, and to undertake the function of the military committee, the mainland army protection model is transformed into the military committee, and the mainland army guarantee model is full The military shifts, and the heavy insurance life is transformed into heavy insurance, forming the operational pattern for the whole army, the combined war, protects the main battle of the war area, support the main construction of the military, and serving the offense and soldance in the whole army. Second, training the military preparations in the transformation. Stepping up the integration of integrated joint guarantees, and fully prepare for the direction of various strategic directions and special tasks, and the scope of protection to the new and new domain transformation. force.

Actively participate in the domestic and international joint training league, create the "Lian Dynasty Mission" "Jingwu Lian Dynasty" series of unsatisfactory training brands, walk away the trainee road, combat functions, joint attributes, and troop marks more prominent.

The third is that the security capacity is tempered in the mission. The whole country supports the emergency war for each battle area, and has strong international peacekeeping, anti-terrorism, and rescuing and relief, etc. In particular, in the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic operation, the leadership of the unit, the leadership of the army, the leadership of the military, leading management fire gods and other 3 specialist hospitals, play an important role in winning Wuhan Defense Cars, intensive The joint inspection can be obtained by actual test. In addition, the 13-team affordable unit also actively carried out anti-vaginal international cooperation, sending members to participate in Pakistan, Cambodia and other countries group, to multi-country assistance service, medical masks and other medical epidemic materials and new crown vaccine, group send experts to participate in the multi-country army Epidemic prevention and control experience sharing video conferencing, to build the power of the human health and health community. (Editor: Chen Yu, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see.