The first batch of teachers and students entered the New Campus in Huairou, September

Original title: The first batch of teachers and students in the Nortel New Campus in September (Reporter Zhao Tingting) At the 2021 Service Association, the 2021 Service Association, held in the morning, deputy director of Huairou District Wenke, Huairo District Wen Seiheng, deputy director of the Center, introduced the development of Huairou District film and television and television and television and television and television.

Wen Lei is revealed that the Beijing Film Academy Huairou New Campus has been built, the first batch of 1400 teachers and students will be officially settled in September this year, and the opening ceremony was held on September 14. Wen Lai is introduced that Huairou is a Chinese shadow of cultural science and technology integration and has a good industrial basis.

At present, Huairou District has gathered more than 600 film and television and related enterprises, accumulating more than 3,000 film and television works in the accumulation of more than 3,000 film and television works, in recent years, more than half of the large number of large numbers have come from Huairou.

  It is understood that Huairou is promoting the construction of a number of key cultural film and television projects.

Among them, the Beijing Film Academy’s new campus total covers an area of ??about 667 mu, and the first phase of the project includes teaching buildings, libraries, theater, theater, studios and students and faculty apartments. The second phase of the project mainly includes teaching buildings, stadiums, students. Apartment, International Film and Television Exchange Center and other projects. At present, the first phase of the project has been completed and acceptable. The first 900 teachers and students will officially settled in September, September 14th, the new campus will hold a ceremony; the second phase of the project plan is entirely built in 2025. After all of the two phases were completed, more than 4,000 film and television high-end talents had long been working in Yang Song.

At the same time, the Middle School, the University of China, the University of China and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the middle public education that have just settled will continue to deliver talents for China. China Shadow Second Phase Forebrity Project will build a Chinese film industry innovation in China’s film industry, to create a Chinese shadow of the integration of literary integration. Zhonggong Education Science and Technology Industry Base Project will build four functional sections of science and technology education bases, education science and technology research and development centers, scientific and technological industrial incubation platforms, educational business office complexes. The factory’s headquarters base will introduce high-end services such as business, hotels, providing support for art populations and professionals such as Beijing Film Academy. Bonarian Huairou Base will build an industrial base integrating headquarters management, research and development, master team studios, conference activities, business supporting functions.

  It is worth mentioning that on the basis of preparing the above film and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television, the related supporting projects are also advanced.

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