Strict implementation of unsupported measures, Tencent’s minor game length accounts for a new history

On November 10, Tencent announced the third quarter of this year.

According to the financial report, the third quarter of this year, Tencent revenue was 14.24 billion yuan, an increase of 13% year-on-year. For the protection of minors concerned about the external concern, Tencent announced the performance of minors’ games and time-length proportion in the earnings report, and the two data were low in history.

According to the financial report, the length of the game when Tencent’s domestic minors fell to the length of the game in September, and the same period was% in the same period last year; the game flow rate decreased to%, and the same period was% in the same period last year.

Tencent said in the earnings report that the company continued to combat the problem of adult adult accounts through the leading industry, such as upgrading the face recognition system to identify the counterfeit account. Through continuous technological and functional perfect, Tencent’s related effects of minors are constantly improving. According to the latest data, as of October 2021, Tencent game has an average of 6.92 million accounts per day in the login link, 10,000 accounts trigger face recognition in the payment link, which is dejected or not verified, and about 71% of the login links. The account is incorporated into the anti-addiction supervision, and 77% of the payment link is intercepted.

For the issue of the minor rental number around the anti-addiction system, Tencent has been prosecuted or sent to more than 20 account trading platforms and multiple e-commerce platforms, requiring stop related services; at the same time, Tencent assists in Nanjing Jianyi in October this year. The police smashed a criminal gang of illegal rental of the game account through illegal trading of personal information in Jiangsu.

In the protection of minors, Tencent has been practicing the idea of ??blocking the combination, making new exploration under the guidance of technology. On September 1 this year, Tencent Growth Guardian, Tencent Games Joint Tencent Foundation officially launched the intelligent body double public welfare program, the first phase provides 100 futuristic classrooms and 100 happy sports farms for urban and rural children to provide new schools. The choice helps them happiness, healthy growth.

Since 2017, Tencent’s game has continued to upgrade the unitian protection system, and protects the healthy growth of minors.

In the future, Tencent will continue to strictly implement the unacained measures, as always, do a good job in the protection of minors, and work together with the community to create a good game space.