Yuyuan Tan Tian ? China and the United Call, "constructive" is very important

To change, it can be strained.

The United States’s own dilemma is unsolved, and the global epidemic is still in terms of leaching, and it is a key to constructive things.

But one step forward, there are many obstacles to sweep.

During the call: Tariff, has always been concerned about China. The last time with Dai Qi’s call, the Chinese side also canceled the decline in duty and sanctions.

Equity is a reasonable requirement.

It is possible to make unfair and harm.

Tariffs have long been consensus on the United States, and the US National Economic Research Bureau has shown that the additional tariffs have led to the actual revenue of US consumers’ live income for about 1.4 billion US dollars. The US domestic calls for cancellation of the sum of the signs of the gauge tariffs are also growing.

Before Biden has not yet taken, the president of the US commercial round table calls for the reduction of tariffs; in April, 40 senators collectively sent the US trade representative Dai Qi, requiring her to restart the tariff exemption agreement from China’s import products; in June, many more The Industry Association sent Dai Qi, requiring the Biden government to cancel tariffs; in July, more than 3,000 US companies have initiated the US government, requiring the government to suspend the tariff settlement of China; August, more than 30 US more influential Commercial groups collectively call for Biden government to reduce import tariffs and restart trade dialogue. Under the resentment, the first public emphasized the official government of the US consumers hurting the US consumers, is Jelen. Such attitude, Yellen has also been presented through its own American financial budget.

In the past two years, the TD TD of China has directly constitutes a new source of financial revenue in the United States. According to the estimation of tariff revenue, by 2021, 2021, 2021, the tariff revenue will be as high as $ 85 billion, but the tariff revenue will drop sharply to $ 57 billion. Signals that have fallen sharply in the budget, that is, it is possible to show that tariffs have more harm to the United States.

Cong should be listened to silence, and the Ming is not seen.

At the moment, the US tariff exemption for continuing to extend more than 500 China imported products is in consultation.

Cancellation of Hua Juzheng tariffs is rational choice. Oxford Economics Research Institute predicted the positive role of canceling tariff barriers to the economic economy in the "2021 Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations Report".

The report pointed out that if China is about 7% of the average tariff rate, the US GDP will grow $ 160 billion in the next five years; in 2025, the United States will increase the employment of 10,000 people; each US family income will also increase 460 Dollar. Forecasting has always been a matter of good at Jellen as an economist. In the public economic prediction issued by the US to 2012 US Federal Reserve officials, Yellen’s forecasts have always been the most accurate. The best way to predict the future is to create the future. After this call, China and the United States agreed to continue to communicate, the United States, is a stepmaking step. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Haojiang Zhen) Sharing let more people see.