The people’s network three reviews "Live Answers": Don’t take the new guuses across the "bottom line"

"There are 1.22 million online people. There are more than 14 million participating questions." "" "The sixth question has a total of more than 7,000 people answer, the resurrection is 10,000, what happened?" If you play live answers, It is necessary to question these questions, and some netizens are even in the list of final customs clearance, they found that there is a "zombie user" of the fans. Whether the live broadcast platform has the number of fakes, bonus water, etc.

Live answering questions are new gameplay, but the platform as a carrier has old problems.

According to my country’s relevant laws and regulations, the live broadcast business needs to have the "Information Network Dissemination Audiovisual Program License", but the existing live broadcast platform is not full qualification.

Broadcast as a new media industry, both real-time strength, and many performance forms, not only high communication efficiency, but also wide audience. However, the individuals of the stations are "Salch", and the incomplete platforms that have a rough content of the context are squeezed into the public’s field of view, which not only destroys the entire live industry ecology, but also causes bad impact on the vast audience.

Use the legal norms of poor tendency, it is imperative! Is there a license, but only one of the many legitimacy issues facing live answers. As a huge traffic entry, how to ensure the privacy of participants? How to avoid online number fake, winning the list of water, ensure fairness and justice? Some programs send huge bonuses at once, pay taxes according to law? These problems seem to be the final day, and the fact that the live response can be healthy, and it is also related to the vital interests of the majority of users. In addition to improving relevant laws and regulations, strengthening operational supervision, also to raise the transparency, publicity of the answering process, in particular to bonus distribution, and user participation should set the corresponding channels, accept external supervision. Internet technology is the catalyst of the development of the times, promoting new things, new models, new media, and benefiting human life.

However, like a live question and answer, the live platform, "new" does not represent the boundaries that can be over-rule, "to be improved" cannot be an excuse to harm the public interest. How to broadcast live according to law, standardize live broadcast? How to better incorporate new new forms, new forms represented by live responses into the rule of law orbit, realize normative, orderly, and healthy development, is the platform, supervisors all wrapped around the era.

Some time ago, the relevant departments of Beijing cracked the "PeePla" network live broadcast platform to spread the obscene pornographic case, and 8 of the chief technical officers involved in the case were criminally detained. The case became my country’s investigation of live broadcast platform and network anchor criminal responsibility first case; At the end of the year, Beijing Netcom Office continued to spread pornographic information, providing Internet news information services, etc. For "spending money to buy hot search", I will talk about Sina Weibo … Law enforcement department Thunder action, reflects the firm stand on the development of the Internet.

And when you are in the live response of the tip of the wind, it is more as a truth, avoid challenge law.

Of course, all new things will experience growth, and may even reshape both interests. Therefore, while holding the rules of the bottom line, even if it is slightly flaw, it cannot be casually killed. The same is true for live answers, only in the rule of law, continuously polishing, and crack the problem, it can make this game about knowledge for a long time.