Xi Jinping’s story is a tenderness like aquatic aromatic

  In the years, there was such a sentence in Yimeng Mountain: "Mother sent, wife to send lang, and finally sent the battlefield.

A meal, be a military food; a piece of cloth, a military uniform; the last piece of broken cotton, cover on the stretcher. "The local 42 million people, there are 1.2 million people before the battle, 200,000 people entered the army, 100,000 British blood sprinkle.

  How does Yimeng women provide a continuous rear support for the front line? How to use a tenacious written song? "The Story of Xi Jinping" The Chinese Communist Party was established by the Party Century Series.

  Located in the "three-sided loop water and water" of Linyi City, Shandong Province, there is a "soldier Jedi". In June 1939, the First Column of the Shandong Branch of the Communist Party of China and the Eighth Route Army was transferred to Dongxinzhuang, commanding the anti-Japanese War, and put "handsome account" in the Communist Party member Wang. At that time, there were 27 children of the Anti-Japanese War, and the smallest was just 3 days. Wang changed to the first of all, in a daughter-in-law, his brother, tuned 7 children. In her inspiration, the folks, less than 5 days, all 27 children were properly placed.

  In Yimeng, "Red" is not specifically referring to a group, but a group. They feeding the revolution with milk and millet porridge, and use a small cart to drive history. In 1947, the previous day of Meng Liangyi started, the East China Wild Army attacked. At the upper level indication, within 5 hours, a bridge must be raised on the Wenhe, the Wennan Cuijiazhuang and Wanliangzhuang, and ensure that the troops passed smoothly. Li Guifang and other 32 women removed their own door, jumping into the cold river, using the body as a pier, set up a "fire line bridge".

  In the War of Liberation, what is needed in front of the front line, what is Yimeng six sisters do.

They lead the village women to cast pancakes for soldiers on the front. In addition, they also look at the wounded, operate the military, forage, ammunition, and disassemble the military clothing, sewing military shoes.

In order to be a soldier, women have grinding blood bubbles regardless of day and night, their arms and thighs, and the fingers also changed.

  During the revolutionary war, the 420 million population of Yimeng Mountain has been gone in front of the war, 200,000 people entered the army, 100,000 British blood sprinkle. The revolutionary history of the party and government military and civilian, the party and government of the Yimeng Revolution, and the test baptism of blood and fire, is the valuable spiritual wealth of the people of the country, incentive, incentive, pursue auxiliary, inheritance. Supervision: Liu Gang’s product man: Sun Zhiping: Fan Hui, Han Wei, Han Yu, Wang Zhi Bin, Li Linxin, Xiaobo, Cao Zhiqiu (internship) reporter: Feng Yuanyuan, Li Xiaobo, Wu Fei Packing: Xia Yong poster: Wu Jun Hao (internship) Xinhua News Agency audio and video department produced Xinhua News Agency.