[Guizhou deepening "I do practical things for the masses", go online mass line] Guizhou: Internet + non-standard mortgage registration and innovation service people’s new model

Source: In recent years, Guizhou has taken advantage of the online mass line work as an important means of contact service, innovation social governance. All departments at all levels will actively pass the network, the people have gone, happiness, security effect.

In April 2020, Guizhou Provincial Natural Resources Department and the CCB Guizhou Branch have launched the "Internet + Small Collection Mortgage" system.

The platform system has developed a bank-ended independent declaration system for real estate registration in the province’s financial institutions, making real estate mortgage registrations to handle all processes, and improved the efficiency of business processing and improved the level of services.Recently, the People’s Network invited Ding Haiwu, the General Administration of Natural Resources Department of Guizhou Province, Ding Haiwei, the deputy general manager of Guizhou Branch, deputy general manager of Pu Hui Finance University, and talks about the effectiveness of "Walking online mass route" work.