Yunnan Ximeng: Strong Side Guide Commando has mobile "charging treasure"

Strong Side Solid Defense Temporary Party Branch Learning. The rocky photography "We are based on the actual books of each segment, including the designated book of party history education, and" Party’s Construction Map "," Decree "," How to fulfill the Duty of Party Members " Political Life Series.

"Saiping of the Sino-Class Town Organization Committee, Sizhi County, said that on the one hand, it guarantees the normal development of the party history of the Temporary Party Branch, on the other hand, let everyone learn to master the party knowledge and standardize the temporary party branch. Organize life. "We will also follow up in real time, push to all temporary party branches, and ensure that they do not fall. "According to reports, Xizhi County has a city, and 347 strong sideline security assault teams at the county will implement a 24-hour patrol. The border is deep, and there is no newsletter, and there is no newsletter. Turning through books, exchange learning into the biggest fun of assault teams. "The Temporary Party branch fully plays the role of fighting fortress in our strong side, and we usually strengthen party members, education and management through the Temporary Party Branch, and timely Require learning between party members and implemented related work.

Jingchuan, the Booth Development of the Pu’er City Development and Reform Commission, said that the Temporary Party Branch also set up all party members to be well united, and better put the copper wall of the border to the bronze wall of the border. Learning. Zhou Zhen, a staff member of the Social Development of Pu’er City, due to the construction of the Temporary Party Branch, the superiors sent the party’s construction and party history education.

"Our patrol can get these books, timely information, or learn the relevant theoretical knowledge. The opposing patrol can make us strong body, learn ‘charging’ can enrich our spiritual life, really ‘Charging’ is two incorrect.

"It is understood that in recent years, Xizhi County has been in combination with practical, and carefully built the party building bookshelf in 7 townships (communities) in the county, configuring party building books and various types of collars to meet the needs of different ages, different occupations. The "Village Curse Construction" and the Village of the Red Culture Position, the party building bookshelf "There are" in combination with the actual situation, carry out activities such as "party building reading", so that the party building readings play a maximum effect on the border.

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