The Academic Seminar of the Guangzhou and Maritime Silk Road in the Tang Song Dynasty

  Xinhua News Agency, October 13th (Reporter Wu Tao, Xiong Jiayi) At the "Tang Song Dynasty, Guangzhou and Maritime Silk Road" in Guangzhou, the experts scholars in the Tang Song Dynasty, Guangzhou and Sea Silk Road Research, China and foreign shipwreck archaeological and outstanding discussion and other issues were discussed, and called for more open and more inclusive mentality to treat marine history research.

  Sun sundestrokes, director of the National Cultural Relics Bureau, said in the opening ceremony, in the history research in my country, the history of marine history is relatively cold. China’s development and utilization of the ocean has been long. China has political to the economy is the ocean big country. As the "all the way" initiative puts forward, while we have to treat the ocean history with more inclusive attitude .

  Chen Chunxi, secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-sen University, said that Huaxia Civilization has been facing the sea, the marine cause is related to the development of national survival, and the country is hoping. Promoting academic research in the fields of marine Silk Road and marine history, which helps strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the domestic schools, and promote the promotion of China’s outstanding traditional culture and enhance cultural self-confidence. It is understood that during the Tang and Song Dynasties, the road of sea Silk has entered the heyday.

In Guangzhou, the Tang Dynasty was the first city of the city, and creating an ancient city management system, which was in charge of overseas trade. Song Cheng Tang system, formulating "Guangzhou Shi", promoting the city system to other ports in China, and the impact is far-reaching.

  Guangzhou is a world-famous Dongang Dagang, which is a world-famous Dongfang Hong Kong, is an important settlement of foreign businessmen and the distribution of Chinese and foreign commodities. Eastern and west products gathered in Guangzhou and exchanged to the market. Export goods such as sea Silk Road, porcelain have a lot of discovery in China and foreign sites and shipwrecks. "Academic Seminar of Guangzhou and Sea Silk Road in the Tang Song Dynasty" was hosted by Guangzhou Maritime Museum, Guangdong History Society, Guangdong Social Sciences Marine History Research Center, China Museum Association Navigation Museum Professional Committee.