Talking about the red story inheriting the spirit of the Long March

  Figure 1: Maotai Town, Maotai Town, Moutai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province.

  Figure 2: A student hurts the red story of the Maotai Exhibition Hall in Maotai Town, Guizhou Renhuai City.

  Chen Yong photo (image China) Figure 3: Jiangxi’s central Red Army head of the county departures a monument.Huang Yangjun (image China) Figure 4: Red Army Bridge, Zhongfu Village, Nanshan Town, Chang Ting County, Fujian Province.Qiu Jiarui (People Vision) Figure 5: "Half of quilt" sculpture on the Sandhou Village Square in Yucheng County, Hunan Province.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zegeng Figure 6: Red theme cultural landscape of 4114 meters above sea level in Sichuan Mountain.

  Hao Liyi (Xinhua News Agency) Xi Jinping General Secretary emphasized that no matter which step in our career, we have to promote the spirit of great long march, continue to move forward in the new Long Zun Road.

  This year is the 85th anniversary of the Red Army Changjun Victory.

Through the construction of the national cultural park, it has highlighted significance, important impact, and cultural relics and cultural resources along the long prototype. For the full use of red resources, carry forward red tradition, inheriting red gene, and has a significant meaning.

  According to the "Long March National Cultural Park Construction Protection Plan", the construction of the National Cultural Park will integrate 15 provinces (districts, municipalities) cultural relics and cultural resources along the long prototype. According to the Hongjun Long Squiration, the overall space framework is constructed, strengthen control protection, theme Display, Wen Daoli, traditional use of Type 4 main functional area construction, implement protection inheritance, research excavation, environmental support, cultural integration, digital reproduction, education and training project.

  What is the progress of the construction of the national cultural park in Long March? What role will be played after a group of iconic projects? The reporter interviewed more.

  - The editor has more than 10 provinces, and the long drive is 25,000 miles, crossing nearly 100 rivers, climbing more than 40 high mountain danger peaks … Long March deposited a large number of long-term cultural relics and cultural resources.

In August of this year, the "Long March National Cultural Park Construction Protection Plan" was introduced.

According to the plan, the national cultural park is protected to protect the long qualifying cultural relics, tell the long-term story, inherit the spirit of the long march, use the long-term resources, and drive the long-term development as the overall construction target, will complete the construction protection work in three stages.

  The reporter learned that the current national cultural park construction work leading group is strengthening overall coordination, with the national development reform committee, culture and tourism department, and actively promotes the implementation of various construction tasks according to the planned target requirements, timetables and roadmaps, and actively .

  The National Cultural Park Construction Work Leading Group will have the national development reform committee, through local declaration, expert review, department review, local publicity, etc. Project reserve library. At the same time, it is guided to promote the construction of landmark projects arranged in central funds in the past two years.

Next, it will promote the landing of various tasks of planning, decline, implementation, and proliferation agree to print and discontinue the provincial planning, and guide the provincial (district, municipal) to promote major landmark projects to ensure the work goals. Launched the image marks and use specifications of national cultural parks, and select the importance of the importance.

Building a national cultural park official website and a digital cloud platform.

Actively guide the promotion of TV feature film "Song of Long March".

Guidely organize the Changzheng Cultural Development Forum.

Support for publishing a batch of long march theme boutique books, etc.

  Fujian Section – Differential Layout Characteristics This newspaper reporter Liu Xiaoyu face Pang Ximen, the body is standing, the shoe shoe is paddy – Fujian Longyan City Chang Ting County, the boy, the teenage red army wax display Eye-catching. On September 23, 1934, the Battle of the Matsushitelling was in this.

"The 14-year-old teenager wants to be a soldier, worried that the height is not enough, just put the straw on the shoe." Telling the staff Zhong Ming introduced that there were 6663 Red Army martyrs who have named Changting County, and there is more martyrs.

"Chang Tin County and Sanming City Ninghua County is one of the departures from Long March. It is also the key county of Long March National Cultural Park (Fujian Section). The Red Jiu Legion exhibition hall built in May last year, the Red Nine Legion is in the West Battle, a bit drop left by life is an important part of the Long March National Cultural Park (Changting Section). "We invited professional teams to prepare the development plan of Zhongfu Village, scientifically guided red tourism development and rural revitalization.

The Central Red Army head is under construction and the Memorial Memorial Hall of the Songjiling, which reflects this concept. Huang Wei, Manager, Chang Ting County Departure Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said in Loufu Village, Riverside Town, Zhongfu Village, China (Changting) Soil and Water Loss Control Museum opened in January this year. The system demonstrates the effectiveness of soil erosion in the current Soviet section.

  In August this year, Changting County was listed as the first batch of national cultural park cultural relics protection and use demonstration counties. Chang Ting County plans to use 4-year-old, key planning, construction, construction, mainly, the topic, and the integration, and traditional utilization.

  In the Ninghua County Changsheng spiritual education base, tourists stop watching photos and real things in the pavilion, feel the people who raise the "Thousands of Paper, Wanbily Food" for the Red Army.

Ninghua County Changsheng Mental Education Base is the key project of the construction of the National Cultural Park (Ninghua Section), in the "Wanli Long March" and "Military No." and "Military No.", the theme of the policy, this year, after opening this year, Teams and tourists more than 100,000 people.

  Ninghua County identified a number of major construction projects such as 2 Central Red Army’s long-term departure land and the Long March Academy, Changzheng Trail, 8 sub-projects have been completed or put into use.

  "We use the Central Red Military League Route as the main shaft," in Changting County and Ninghua County as the core construction area, forming a ‘first-line diced two-core two-way two gardens with Fujian characteristics, multi-point’ spatial layout, The uncompredational focus, and it is not blind.

The person in charge of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Fujian Provincial Party Committee said. This year, the national opera "Song Longling’s Love" was staged in the National Grand Theater. Huang Wei said: "The Love of" Song Longling "has become a long Tentin’s long-term projects from the departure of tourism infrastructure and red cultural creative bases, and then we plan to introduce immersive scientific projects such as virtual reality experience. ".