The "Red Village" is picturesque this "red village"!

On November 18th, accompanied by the early winter warm sun, walk into the Datang District, Tianwen Town, Chun’an County, booming the new rural scene, let people go in front of the eyes – green tile white wall is wrong, the red propaganda drawing of oil painted In this, the village regulations on the cultural wall of the house are about to see, the clean and tidy streets are surrounded by green, and the clear pond has a gazebo, wide and beautiful red leisure square and the roofs are enjoying cold chat. Old people, etc., red village, Bishui Qingshan, a red rural beautiful painting slowly.

It is understood that the Datang Bayou group has a very precious red cultural basis – the Red Army slogan, and wrote a revolutionary publicity in the 1935 Red Army’s long-term propaganda.

In November 1982, he was listed as a county-level key cultural relics protection unit by the People’s Government of the Chun’an County. In order to promote the revolutionary spirit, inherit the red gene, Tianwen Town is based on the red army slogan, and try to build Datang spiritual civilization demonstration point. In the slogan group, cultural squares, cultural plants, and the story of the story, leading to the cadres The masses remember the revolutionary ancestors and helped spiritual cultural inheritance.

At present, the Datang Red Army slogan is an important base for local masses, students and town village cadres to carry out party history education and "remember the Yin Xin Guo, loyal and clean, welcoming the establishment of a hundred years". Under the co-ordination of the town party committee, each party The branch actively organizes party members to carry out red practice education through the theme party day activities, on the ground. (Guizhou Daily Tian Eye Journalist Lu Taiming) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.