Write a big literature Chen Boyxi Children’s Literature Award for 40 years for children

Write a big literature, Chen Boyxing literature award for children, 40 years ■ Our reporter Shi Chenlu "until the age of 91, after more than 10 years, I saw him wearing four clothes – summer is white gown, spring and autumn is light gray, respectively And the blue sky, winter is a brown cotton jacket. His life is simple, full of children’s literature, has excellent contributions in creative, translation, theory, and education, but also belong to Shanghai, China, but also belongs to the world.

"Children’s literature writer Qin Wenjun said.

Chen Boyao, a generation of Chinese children’s literature, from Shanghai Baoshan, in 1981, he took out all the savings and draft counsel – equivalent to buy a villa in the city center, set up a "Children’s Literature Gardener", 1988 The award was renamed "Chen Bowa Children’s Literature Award". In 2014, it is "Chen Bow International Children’s Literature Award" and has become one of the largest cultural awards in China’s continuous operation.

Yesterday, the 33rd Chen Boyxian International Children’s Literature Award and Literature Award set up a 40th year of Memorial event. Talking about Chen Boyxiao and Chen Bo’s influence on his own influence. Chen Bo’s successor is full of emotions.

"A pure literary award, can insist on 40 years and deep leaf, fruitful, support it, nourish it, is a belief and warm inheritance of literature.

That is the best work for the children to make the children’s minds and the times they are better.

"Media people, read promoters Zhang Hong said." Chen Boyeded his life to the children’s literary career, "Write a big literature for children ‘is his most valuable concept. "The Chen Boyao International Children ‘s Literature Awards, writer Lu Mei said. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing Let more people see.