Xiamen: Safens in the shopping malls is guaranteed? The public questioned that children have hidden dangers.

Original title: Safens are safe for sale in shopping malls. The public questioned that children have a shared stroller in hidden dangers.

Electric stroller is a lot of kids favorite toys. Recently, a shared bounter javer in the Lake Lake in Xiamen City, parents can scan the code after the codes, with the form of bisks to take the toy vehicle to give their children, can also question, can you play such a stroller in the mall? How is the health problem after use? The reporter visited and contacted the shopping mall to understand the situation. Investigating scanning code can use the public to think that there is a safety hazard on the afternoon of the 3rd day, near McDonald’s lake, the reporter discovered that the 4 pieces of the cabinet with shared children, after scanning code, the reporter took a yellow stroller. The reporter saw that the child car door can be opened, after the child rides, the parents can control the driving direction of the vehicle through a supporting remote control, and the alerts in the car indicate that the occupant of the vehicle is 36 to 95 months, while the largest The carrier weight is 30 kg. The vehicle’s usage cost is 15 yuan 10 minutes, and the timeout is 1 yuan per minute.

"Last time, a child played with this, the car hit the glass at the door of our store." The store staff nearby told reporters that most of the stores in the mall use a glass door, if the vehicle hits, the glass cracks Because the vehicle is in a hood, the dropped glass is likely to harm children. "Most of you will pay attention to the products in the window, and the toy car is driving in the mall. If you don’t pay attention, it is easy to collide with pedestrians, which is easy to cause injuries.

"At the scene, there is also a public questioning that the property will allow the toy stroller to travel in the mall." Bowners are used for children. After using it, they can put them back to the cabinet, and they have not seen the staff to clean the vehicles. What is the impact on the health of the child? "There is also a public to have questions about this.

The response will adjust the vehicle speed to provide relevant insurance on the morning of the 4th. In 2 meters / sec, it is recommended that the public is used in the shopping mall, which is slow to use to avoid collisions with other pedestrians. "There is an ultraviolet light in our cabinet, which will disinfect the vehicle, and every day, staff will be arranged to clean the vehicles." Staff said.

Subsequently, the reporter also contacted Mr. Liao, the relevant person in charge of Xiamen Lake, Mr. Liao. He told reporters that in the current existing problems, Wanda has communicated the supplier of the baby carriage. Since the normal pedestrian walking speed is 6 km / h, The vehicle speed is reduced to 3 km / h, and review the infrared sensing system of each car, and increase the insurance balance, requiring merchants to provide public liability insurance and property accident insurance. (Xiamen Daily reporter Xue Wei) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Wu Zhou) Sharing let more people see client downloads.