The most beautiful youth, the motherland (the people’s forum)

Video Source: Xinhuanet client youth? What is youth? General Secretary Xi Jinping was deeply pointed out in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "In the past 100 years, under the banner of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese youth integrate youth into the party and the people’s career, and become a pioneer for the great revival of the Chinese nation. "Fight for the people, dedicated to the motherland, struggle for the happy life, and the song of youth, becoming the youthful main melody of China’s youth, long-lasting echoating in China. If you choose a topic for a hundred years of youth, it is the most beautiful youth. In the revolutionary era, such as Deng Zhongxia, Gao Junyu and other countless young people, in order to save the country’s danger, it is very moving forward to report the trend of the country. In the construction age, such as Min, Wang Yichang and other numerous young people, she is a young and easy surname, and she is awarded the state defense safety, "the surrname is buried." Since the reform and opening up, the "New Generation of the 1980s" has been committed to the great practice of "unity and revitalize China" as their own responsibility.

The first generation of China’s young people have not been changed, the true color is unchanged, and the best youth is dedicated to the motherland and the people, and the history of the national revival is injected into the youth force. The power of youth is the power of ideal beliefs. Youth Zhou Enlai "Signs", in order to seek to save the country, find the right belief and direction.

28-year-old Xia Munham chased the "Chinese", with the priority of the wife, leaving the wife, "Hongling stayed with the midders, and the red bluntness looked into all. Adhere to the revolutionary, swear the truth." 29 years old Chen Wangdao’s heart is translated and translated the "Communist Declaration", put the ink as a brown sugar water to eat, but also not suffering, not suffering at all, because the truth is very sweet.

It is because of the ideal, the belief is firm, so youth has become the most active and angry power in the whole social force. The appearance of youth is the appearance of the hard work.

"The most beautiful struggle" Huang Wenxiu, after graduation, give up the work opportunities of the big city, resolutely return to the hometown to put the poverty reduction, the sacrifice is only 30 years old when work. "The most beautiful courier" Wang Yong, fighting the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, providing logistical protection for the Wuhan fighter-first-line medical staff, with extraordinary care to guard the warmth of the world. "Time model" Du Fu State, when he encounters the exhibition of grenade, regardless of personal safety to protect his comrades. The hero Chen Xiang also wrote "clear love, only for China", with the flesh of the body, the martial arts of national defense safety … How to make an extraordinary performance in ordinary position? The answer given by an excellent youth is that I am blending my personal little me into the motherland, the people’s big me, looking up at the starry sky, the foot, the earth, continue to struggle, Kaifeng.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "China’s young people in the new era should be committed to achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, enhance the Chinese people’s ambition, bones, bottom gas, no time, not negative, not ending the party and the people!" "Shenzhou" went to the sky, "Beidou" network, "嫦娥", "娥" into the sea, the technology strong state affairs continue, need youth to ask for yours, the industrial poverty alleviation, Wen travel consumption, live broadcast, the inheritance of the country’s revitalization, It is necessary to take the initiative to actively; the reform and opening up opportunities are unlimited. The market economy is on, the new development pattern is opened. It requires youth to go straight … Contemporary Chinese youth is the same as the new era, together, bravely accept the motherland and the people’s selection, The exhibition is used, and I will live up to the great era. "Take the wind, long-term, straight to see the mountain river." The future belongs to the youth, hoping to send youth, the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation will become a reality in the success of youth. The majority of young people, Ming Da, become a big talent, the big, the big, and contribute to the country with intelligence, to develop the new era of the new era, and the enthusiasm of the party and the people is the enthusiastic look of the party and the people.