[Land Comment Line] Changbai Time Comment: "People’s Satisfaction" as the highest pursuit of life

  Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on the Recommendation of Civil Servants Satisfied with the People in the Country and the Recommendation of the People’s Satisfied Civil Service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The "Notice" pointed out that the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided that for the first time this year, the "Civil Service Satisfactory of the People’s" and the "Civil Service Capture of the People’s Satisfied" commendation in the name of the Party Central Committee and the State Council this year.

  Serving the people is the eternal theme of the civil servant team. Recommended "Civil Servants Satisfied with the People’s" and "Civil Service Capture of the People’s Satisfaction", which highlights the "people’s satisfaction" standard, is to motivate the majority of civil servants to take "people satisfaction" as the highest pursuit of life, show the people’s public servants, and truly satisfy the people to satisfy the people. Then build a loyal and clean high -quality professional civil servant team. To truly satisfy the people, we must be a "persistentr" who is ideal and belief. "The people satisfied with the people" and "the collective of the people are satisfied with the civil servant", the first thing is to have strong political standards. Only by improving political standing can we strengthen their ideals and convictions and continue to enhance the "four consciousness" and "four self -confidence". To achieve "two maintenance", build the foundation of faith, make up for the calcium of the spirit, and consciously act consciously in ideological and political action with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to ensure that at work at work The Central Political Order is unblocked and transmitted the party and government’s lines, policies, and policies to the people to win the satisfaction of the people. Therefore, the majority of civil servants must consciously be the firm belief and loyal practitioners of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and strive to achieve unification of learning and thinking. To truly satisfy the people, it is necessary to be a "serviceman" who serves the people.

It is the basic requirement for the people to serve the people and serve the people and do a good job of civil servants’ work.

Only when you always keep in touch with the people with the people, everything is for the people, everything depends on the people, is emotionally close to the masses, respects the masses in ideology, deeply penetrates the masses, and truly achieves diligence for the people and the people. Only by dependence and respect can the masses work be actively responding to the masses, and only appeal and influence among the masses. Therefore, the majority of civil servants must not forget their original intentions and keep their mission in mind, and always take the benefit of the people as their greatest achievements. They will always take the people’s satisfaction as the greatest pursuit. Starting from the most difficult people, the most prominent issues, the most realistic interests, and use their hearts. The emotional force solves the problem of the crowd’s urgency, and uses practical actions to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.

  To truly satisfy the people, we must be a "hard -working family" of the officer to start a business. The people are the most practical. This requires the work of civil servants to work and be practical, down -to -earth, and work hard, and speak with action. The kind of exaggeration and nonsense, the people will not buy it.

Civil servants should satisfy the people. On the one hand, we must practice a strong work style, shake off their arms to do practical things, and based on job conspiracy, especially in major tasks such as epidemic prevention and control, re -production and re -production, flood prevention and disaster relief. With excellent performance, pragmatic style, and good image, it has gathered the hearts of the people, won the reputation, and won the recognition of the masses. On the other hand, we must pay attention to cultivating professional ability, professionalism, enhance the ability of work, and strive to become an expert in the job of my job.

  To truly satisfy the people, it is necessary to be a "leader" who is clean and honest. The Qing Zheng, honesty, fairness, and dedication are the incarnation of the image of "the people satisfied with the people". There is something to abstain from the heart. Only when the people are always equipped with the masses, will they fulfill the legal obligations of fairness and decentness, and then establish a good image of cleanliness and integrity.

The majority of civil servants must implement the party’s central decision -making and deployment, firmly establish the correct concept of political achievements, make good use of the power given by the people, resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, and build a sturdy dam that resists corrosion. It is necessary to consciously accept the constraints of discipline and law, consciously accept organizational supervision, mass supervision, and public opinion supervision, and get used to work and live under supervision and constraints. "The cold is sad, the people cold hurt the country", only to satisfy the people, the people’s hearts are "warming". We must seize the opportunity for the recommended selection to commend the "civil servant who is satisfied with the people" and "the collective civil servant collective" opportunities, and guide the majority of civil servants to consciously take "people’s satisfaction" as the highest pursuit of life, align with advanced learning and examples, and let the fire of the stars form formed The trend of Laguhara has emerged more "people’s satisfaction civil servants" and "collective civil servants collective", and use a new chapter of "serving the people" with a passion and pragmatic dynamics! (Jiu Tai Ping).