Guangdong: An abnormal reaction of vaccination will be compensated by insurance

On the 25th, the "Implementation Plan on the Corporation of Corporation (Solicitation of Opinions)" formulated by the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Insurance Regulatory Bureau for the "Guangdong Province (Draft for Opinions)" will be requested to the public. Within the province, the first type of vaccination and the second type of vaccine that has been purchased for the purchase of basic insurance are compensated for related compensation.

The plan will be implemented from January 1, 2018 with a validity period of 3 years. How will such insurance be insured? The opinion draft clearly inspected the basic insurance of the government and domestic vaccine manufacturers and imported vaccine agencies (hereinafter referred to as the "vaccine enterprise"). Encourage the recipients and the guardians (hereinafter referred to as the "recipient"), the vaccination unit, and other supplementary insurance.

Basic insurance is a unified purchase of commercial insurance for the government and volunteer enterprises, and establishes basic risk protection for the breeder. Insurance expenses shall be jointly borne by Guangdong Province’s special funds for compensation for financial special reactions and compensation for financial special funds and vaccine companies.

Supplementary insurance refers to the needs of meeting the level of higher risk guarantee to meet the prescriptions and prevention units, and voluntarily and at their own expense to choose to buy commercial insurance.

If there is a problem after insurance, how will it compensate? The opinion draft clarifies the scope of compensation for basic insurance, preventing death cases within 72 hours after vaccination. If the clinical clinic cannot be eliminated, it cannot be excluded from the vaccine and the consent of the corpse dissection of the dead body will be given 30,000 yuan of humanitarian assistance. If the death is clear due to the abnormal response of the vaccination, follow -up compensation is based on the case of preventing abnormal response.

For cases of preventing abnormal response in vaccination, the implementation of the implementation of the "Guangdong Province’s Prevention and Outstanding Reaction Compensation Measures (Trial)" and the Implementation Rules for the Implementation Rules of Guangdong Province’s Prevention Abnormal Compensation Measures (Trial) "shall be based on the compensation limit determined by the insurance contract. It is not lower than the current type of the same type of Guangdong Province’s prevention of abnormal response.

(Reporter/Li Xiuting intern/Liao Chenhao).