Adhere to the aesthetic educated people and cultural people (new theory)

  Based on the aesthetic education, it is necessary to be down -to -earth and for a long time, starting from the opening of the good aesthetic education lessons, and building a teaching model centered on student development as the aesthetic education, but also sentimental education and spiritual education. For Lideshu people have an irreplaceable role.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to comprehensively strengthen and improve school aesthetic education, adhere to the aesthetic educated people, cultural people, and improve students’ aesthetic and humanistic literacy. To implement this important requirement, it is necessary to vigorously improve the aesthetic education work and use it as the basic link to promote the high -quality development of school aesthetic education.

  In the excellent traditional culture of China, it is full of rich aesthetic ideas. The conclusion of "rejuvenating poetry, standing in etiquette, and becoming music", from the perspective of Chinese traditional aesthetic education, clarifies the relationship between poetry, etiquette, and music and dance. Mr. Zhu Guangqian also proposed: "Requires people to purify the heart, and first requires life to beautify." If teenagers lack aesthetic education, it is impossible to develop in an all -round way.

The Opinions on the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improve the School Aesthetic Education Work in the New Era" issued by the China Affairs Office and the State Council last October, in order to improve students’ aesthetic and humanistic nourishment, incorporate aesthetic education into the entire process of talent training at all levels, run through the process of cultivating the talent training of various schools, and run through the process School education segments. In educational practice, with the aesthetic educated people’s work, it is necessary to be down -to -earth and for a long time, starting from the opening of the good aesthetic education lesson, building a teaching model centered on student development, actively promoting the reform of the aesthetic education evaluation, forming full of fullness New pattern of vitality, multi -party collaboration, open and efficient school aesthetic education. The development of the mobile Internet and the popularity of smartphones have brought new opportunities to Aesthetic education.

The emergence of new technologies has re -stimulated the vitality of classic works, making living spaces closer to the aesthetic education space.

For today’s teenagers, when you turn on your computer or mobile phone, you can visit museums, art galleries, and appreciate art masterpieces. The continuous upgrade of information technology has allowed the art treasures hidden in the deep palace courtyard to enter the electronic screen between the square inch, allowing static art, calligraphy, and sculptures to flow, breaking the spatial gap and technical restrictions of traditional aesthetic education.

At the same time, the new scientific and technological civilization is also constantly expanding the border of Aesthetic education. The impact brought by the Internet and virtualization is rewriting the classification and definition of many art majors.

These all call for aesthetic education workers in the new era to maintain awareness of innovation and openness at all times, and constantly cultivate students’ aesthetic ability and artistic creativity. Facing the future, we should further improve the school aesthetic education mechanism for everyone, so that all students in schools can enjoy the opportunity to receive aesthetic education, and continue to enrich and improve the aesthetic education work with a sense of innovation.

For school aesthetic education courses, not only good music, art, calligraphy, calligraphy, dance and other aesthetic education courses, but also pay attention to fully tap the value of aesthetic education contained in different courses, in order to more extensive and deeper the teaching role of aesthetic education.

For example, some schools explore the laws of aesthetic education in depth, open up discipline barriers, and integrate labor education and aesthetic education through courses such as handicraft skills; some schools combine aesthetic education with traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage to allow primary and secondary school students to experience our country in my country The ingenuity of non -heritage skills, the excellent traditional culture and craftsmanship of smoking infection; and some schools focus on developing arts and education majors, and further increase the comprehensive learning of design, psychology, engineering and other disciplines on the basis of education and art. The new types of talents needed for future aesthetic education, the future development direction of aesthetic education, and so on. Innovation in schools at all levels to promote aesthetic education work, it is forming a new situation of “one school, one product” and “one school multi -product” school aesthetic education development. Aesthetic education workers should use the patience of "ten years of trees and century -old trees" to guide students and sow the seeds of beauty in the hearts of students in order to continuously improve their aesthetic and humanistic literacy, thereby strengthening the effectiveness of Aesthetic and Education, helping students pursue the pursuit of students in pursuit Good life in the future.

  (The author is the dean of the Future Design College of Beijing Normal University).