Beijing Fengtai District sent more than 80,000 dumplings for residents and staff of the Fengli Management and Control District

In order to protect the "Quiet" Dragon Boat Festival, the warmth and blessings of the holiday and blessings were sent to the front line of the "epidemic". Fengtai District carefully prepared the supply of supply, transferred the distribution in time, and sent more than 80,000 dumplings to the residents and staff of the sealing management area. Send more than 20,000 holiday meals to the isolation personnel and staff of the centralized isolation point and health monitoring points, and make every effort to ensure the service guarantee of the Dragon Boat Festival to ensure that everyone will have a safe and healthy festival. "As soon as I woke up, I received the Dragon Boat Festival gifts from Fengtai District. There were 8 rice dumplings in it, with ham and fresh meat and dried vegetables. We felt very warm.

"Mr. Zhang, the residents of the Century Star Garden Management Community in the Southern Zhuang Community of Dongfang Camp Street, said. Century Xingjiayuan Community currently has a total of 5 buildings and 10 units belonging to the control zone.发现,在小区东门多了一箱箱的粽子。 “我是5号楼的住户,早晨听说缺少派送粽子的志愿者,就带着小推车下来了,帮助大家一起发粽子,让大家You can also eat rice dumplings at home! "The reporter learned that in the eastern area of ??Fengtai District, from June 2, the Fangzhuang Street, Dongtong Camp Street, Pomegranate Street, Chengshou Temple Street, involved Residents have successively received rice dumplings. Among them, the seal -and -control community adopted "no contact" and "point -to -point" distribution, and the staff were sent to the house of the residents from households.

In the three districts of Fangzhuang Street, Fangzhuang Street, the residents received the dumplings after receiving the "Palm of the Courtyard" building WeChat group, and left a message: "Thank you staff for paying, you have worked hard. , I also wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival! I hope everyone will fight against the disease and defeat the epidemic early! "Mr. Li, a resident of the north district of the Red Lion House, Pomegranate Street, also left a message to the community staff:" Although this year’s Dragon Boat Festival is for us The residents of the Fengchong District are special, but when we receive the dumplings, we are warm in our hearts, thank you! "Outside the Jianbang Fengjing Community, Lugouqiao Street, Fengtai District, early the morning on June 3, the truck was guaranteed to stop in the truck. Outside the community, the car is filled with a peaceful gift package for home isolation residents.

"Hello, we are the staff of the epidemic prevention courier group. Today, the Dragon Boat Festival, send a box of rice dumplings to your home, I will put it at the door, I wish you a good Dragon Boat Festival!" The household knocked on the door and gave the residents a gift.

"Our rice dumplings have also been received. I just took it in from the door. The "epidemic" staff thanked.

The reporter learned from Fengtai District that in order to ensure that residents in the jurisdiction can spend a peaceful and peaceful Dragon Boat Festival, Fengtai District actively organizes Carrefour, Wumi, Yonghui, Urban and Rural and other supermarkets to prepare for supply, and transfer delivery in time. The residents and staff of the sealing and control zone prepared more than 80,000 peace of mind. At the same time, more than 21,000 Dragon Boat Festival "holiday meals" and dumplings were also sent for isolation personnel and staff of the isolation point and health monitoring points. "In today’s meal, there is my favorite oil shrimp and saffron, red -roasted meat, this meal is full of energy!" After sending dumplings to the residents, "big white" and "little blue" people I also ate hot festive meals.

According to the staff of Lugouqiao Street, in order to allow residents to "calm down" the holidays, the street has increased the duty efforts during the festival, and the "big white" of the courier team will go all out to celebrate the festivals, drinks, flowers, etc. The items, accelerate the delivery of the people to the people, and make every effort to ensure the various needs of the people.