One158 confirmed that the heavy match, "Hunter" Xie Wei impacted the world ranking

Xie Wei will challenge the fifth Ris McLaren in the fifth ranking of flies.

The organizer’s picture of the Beijing News (Chief reporter Sun Haiguang) On May 20, during the live broadcast of the ONE157 event, the ONE Championship officially sent a heavy news. Reese McLaren, who ranked fifth in flies.

Xie Wei may be a comprehensive Chinese men’s comprehensive fighting athletes who have entered the world after Tang Kai. Earlier, in the "One: Chinese Journey to China" series, Xie Wei won all KO in 4 games, and won the ONE Championship as a "No. 1".

The first show of the ONE championship, he lost to the then -Danny Kim Garde of the Shi Danni Race of the Eight Worlds of the World.

However, Xie Wei’s result of the results of the game is still worried, and he believes that he has not lost the game.

After more adaptation to the ONE International Stadium, Xie Wei’s continuous (T) KO Chen Rosna, Kantaragi Agara and Kim Dahuan were three strong enemies. At present, his career record is 11 wins and 3 losses, 10 (T) KO opponents, the KO rate has reached 90%of the horror. As one of the most powerful Chinese players in the world, Xie Wei participated in the ONE Champions Championship Draft Reality Show "Well!" "Blood Boxing" provides valuable suggestions and help for young Chinese players. At present, Xie Wei returns to the stadium in order to hit a higher place. There is no doubt that McLaren, the fifth place in the ranking, is an ideal opponent. McLaren is a veteran who has fought in the ONE Championship for 7 years. One of the characters An Pan Bangrui, as well as the famous Deep World Champion and Tian Longguang.

McLaren’s 7 wins and 5 losses in the ONE Championship is not the top, but the opponents he lost are all world champions or players in the ranking.

As the fifth ranking of the "gatekeeper", although McLaren has impacted it for many years, its gold content in the world ranking has not discounted.

Xie Wei, the "broken door" this time, has cleared many strong enemies outside the ranking. If the impact ranking was successful, he was likely to be willing to fight, fighting with the fourth ranking Kim Gade.

The school is against Li Lijun.