NATO will plan to open a new page with Russia’s 25 -year "love and hatred" in the next 10 years

It was reported on May 29th that the Spanish "World News" website published an article on May 27, entitled "From reconciliation miracle to war night dreams: Russia and NATO for 25 years of love and hate".

The author Burello R. Sutiandus reviewed the history of Russia and NATO for 25 years, saying that the era opened in 1997 had died and was buried. The full text is as follows: Today, 25 years ago, on May 27, 1997, NATO and Russia signed a historical document (that is, "NATO-Russia’s Mutual Relationship, Cooperation and Security Basic Documents"). The Cold War is welcomed a new era of security and cooperation in Europe and even global security and cooperation. For the signing of this document, the two parties have experienced extremely difficult negotiations for several months. Whether at the theoretical, philosophy or practical level, this 24-page document has always been the cornerstone of NATO relations with Russia in the past 25 years, because it considers the establishment of a permanent NATO-Russian Council. Establishment is a platform for the two parties to meet with the most sensitive issues. However, after the Kremlin cut off all relations with NATO, the council has not held a meeting for several months. The documents in 1997 promoted the cooperation between the two parties in combating terrorism and maintaining peace, and realizing the disarmament of disarmament, and preferentially considering economic relations.

The main stumbling blocks of the relationship between the two parties are exactly the Kremlin’s insistence on restricting the expansion of NATO. Therefore, the agreement was reached through the nuclear route, which clearly stated that NATO neither had no intention, nor planning or reasons to deploy or store nuclear weapons.