"In the Expo, I offer an important platform for the opening of the Chinese market"

The picture shows the Exhibition Hall of the Expo Group in 2021. Open Cloud Group is a map in recent years, China’s boutique market is growing. Papus said that the Chinese market took the lead in getting out of new crown epidemics and resuspend growth momentum. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the opening of the cloud witnessed the growth of the brand in China and the strong growth of the Chinese market e-commerce sales. The turnover of most brands has transcended the epidemic.

Papus believes that Chinese tourists have purchased their boutiques in the past travel, and now this demand has returned to China, so that China’s domestic boutique market is greatly benefited. Papas emphasized that the Chinese government continued to take measures to protect people’s health and focus on economic and social development goals.

The Chinese consumption market is stable and continuously developed to high-end consumption, which has not been affected by the epidemic. Before and after the epidemic, the consumer’s attitude was stable, which is undoubtedly a manifestation of the Chinese people confidence in the government and the economy. "Since the first boutique store in 1974, the opening of the cloud group has deep cultivated Chinese markets more than 40 years. Papus believes that during the epidemic, China consumer confidence is still strong due to the government’s favorable initiatives and economic comprehensive recovery.

Nowadays, the store of the Yunyun Group has more than 40 cities in China, and the group will continue to invest in China, open a new door, speed up the line layout.

Open Cloud Group will continue to actively participate in various economic and trade events held by the Chinese government, such as continuous appearance of Shanghai into the Expo, participate in the first China International Consumer Product Expo held in Hainan this year. At the same time as active development of the Chinese market, Kaiyun Group also actively participated in charity.

In 2013, the opening of the Yunyun Group controlled the people of Pino family successfully returned the first and rabbits of the head of the 12th birthday of Yuanmingyuan. Nowadays, the first and rabbits are in the Beijing National Museum. Papus said that the "Pino family moved to express our sincere respected and sincere feelings to the Chinese people, as well as the determination of art and culture."

In January 2020, the Yunyun Group donated RMB 7.5 million to the Hubei Provincial Red Cross.

In July of this year, the Yunyun Group donated 5 million yuan to the Henan Red Cross. In addition to providing urgent medical assistance, it is aware of the publicity and education activities jointly carried out with the Red Cross and Local Public Welfare Organization to enhance public awareness of biodiversity. The goal of opening clouds is to have the most influential boutique group in creative, innovation, sustainable development and long-term performance, and the Chinese market will play a key role in achieving this goal and stimulating potential.

Since 2014, Kaiyun Group has conducted project cooperation with Tsinghua University, and launched a positive dialogue on sustainable development.

At this end, Kaiyun Group will also jointly organize China’s nationalized enterprises to continue to innovate the Pioneer Awards awards, commend and support China’s start-up enterprises that are committed to providing innovation and sustainable solutions for the global fashion industry. The award-winning businesses will not only win 100,000 euro bonuses, but will also get exposure and support on the international stage, and work with the world-renowned companies and institutions. Kaiyun is also committed to promoting talents in China. It provides training services for college graduates to provide training services to help graduates accelerate the professional ladder in China’s retail industry.

In addition, the Entry Group has founded the "Yue" project aimed at promoting the achievements of women in the field of cultural and art.

During the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Kaiyun grant the award to the actor Gong Li. The project also joined hands in the West Bank Art Museum and Pompidu Center held a dance festival in Shanghai.

"Kering" in Chinese is "Open Cloud", means that the cloud fog is opened, and the infinite space is opened for imagination and creative.

Papus believes that in order to achieve carbon neutral goals, it is essential to meet the challenges of the entire industry. Only in terms of raw materials, production processes, recycling, new business models, etc., can achieve the social and environmental goals of Kaiyun Group, and achieve sustainable development of the global boutique industry.

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