"Lingshan Green Production" to create a new channel of consumption poverty alleviation

Original title: "Lingshan Green Production" to create a consumption of poverty alleviation new channel Beijing doorgou, buckwheat, Inner Mongolia’s hunger red potato, grassland chrysanthemum, beef dry, honey in Hubei Shennongjia forest area, fruit tea … in the three shops The doorway poverty alleviation center on the southwest side of Shuzuan Road, more than 300 "Lingshan Green Production" high-quality specialty products attracted many citizens to come to buy. Beijing Youth Daily learned from the door trench area, as the first regional green product brand in Beijing, "Lingshan Green Production" allows the characteristic products of the doorway area and 5 poverty alleviation recipients, and the tourism literary goods form the online line. Industrial chains provide new channels for "consumption poverty alleviation".

  According to the relevant person in charge of the door-to-door, there are currently Tibet Long Deqing District, Wuchuan County, Inner Mongolia and Houqi, Hubei County, Hubei Shennongjia and Beijing Meitou District, settled in the doorway, poverty alleviation center, concentrated exhibition sales 300 A variety of "Lingshan Green Production" quality products, these products basically cover the necessities of ordinary people.

This year, the Double Creative Center also "new" has a special value of the beef and lamb series in Wusheng County, Inner Mongolia. These products can not only purchase underline, but also the online order delivery home will be implemented in the future.

  Northern Youth Daily, I learned that the Mentougou District takes Beijing Lingshan Green Production Commerce Co., Ltd., established five partitioning and recipients "Regional Brands".

In order to increase sales, "Lingshan Green Production" participated in the agricultural products, "Double Eleven" "Double 12" and other preferential promotions, and also participated in the national consumer poverty poverty, "four into" signing ceremony consumption poverty alleviation products exhibition, CCB The poverty alleviation card is fully reduced, and the agricultural and sideline products and rice, oil and oil and other agricultural products and rice and oil and oil and other activities.

  In order to broaden the sales channels, in 2020, the headgou area also introduced "Lingshan Green Production" products into some scenic spots, the guests, and "door gougroup".

"These products are actually a special product in all poverty alleviation, we can put these products in the home and B & B, which can increase the income of the benefit, and improve the sales of poverty alleviation companies, consumers can also have better travel. Experience. "Wang Hong, Executive Director of Lingshan Green Production Commerce Company.

  According to reports, during the epidemic, "Lingshan Green Production" utilizes existing resources and channels, quickly docking the large-scale chain supermarket enterprises such as Yonghui, establishing a direct direct supply mechanism of the "big hand and small hand", the first time organization One-hand supply, quickly supplement the market in the doorway area. In addition, "Lingshan Green Production" has also hosted the "New Year’s Day" in Xicheng District, lending the resource advantage of Xicheng District, building the promotional window of the characteristic product and the character experience industry in the doorway area, let Xicheng people understand and understand Door head.

  District leader live broadcast, "8 + 1" project live … In addition to working hard to broaden the offline sales channels, "Lingshan Green Production" company also opens the sales channel on "Live + E-commerce" emerging sales model.

Today, "Lingshan Green Production" has been widely concerned. The products are not only governed by Beijing citizens, but also sold all over the country and around the world, becoming the main industries that have become rich in mountain farmers.

Text / This reporter Pu Changting (Editor: Dong Zhaorui, Gao Xing).