Mao Weiming: Give play to the active role of capital to help Hunan’s high -quality development

  When the Deputy Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor Mao Weiming, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s collective study at the Central Economic Work Conference and the 38th Political Bureau of the Central Politburo, regarding the significance, capital characteristics and behavior laws of various capitals, and guiding the healthy development policy of the healthy development of capitalThe policy has been comprehensive and systematically explained, which reflects the unity of historical perspective and the vision of the times, epistemology and methodology.Major innovation is an important part of the party’s economic work.

  The important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping of Capital Xi Jinping is a rich version of Marxist political economy. Scientifically answered the essential characteristics of capital, that is, capital as an important production element as a socialist market economy. Combination and value -added value.

At the same time, capital has the nature of profit -seeking. If it is not regulated and restrained, it will bring an inestimable harm to economic and social development. Scientifically answered the functional role of capital, and proposed that under the conditions of socialist market economy, capital is an important link to drive the agglomeration of various types of production factors. It is an important force to promote the development of social productive forces. Standard and guidance of capital development is a major economic issue. It is also a major political issue. It is a major practical issue and a major theoretical issue. Scientifically answered the law of capital development, clearly put forward the correct handling of capital and interest distribution issues, guide and standardize the development of capital, deepen the capital market reform, reflects the deep understanding of the logic of capital operation under different social systems, reflects the expansion of capital, and one by one. The profound insights of the nature of nature reflect the profound grasp of capital circulation, competition and development.

  Scientifically answered the governance path of capital. Under the conditions of socialist market economy conditions, capital governance must adhere to the party’s leadership. We must adhere to the "two unshakables". We must adhere to the development of the people -centered. Fairness and unity indicate the path to guide and regulate the healthy development of capital in accordance with the law.

  Dialectical treats capital to deeply grasp the nature, functions, categories and characteristics of capital, and historically, developed, and dialectically understand and grasp the various types of capital and its role.

  Grasp the institutionality of capital with historical perspective. Capital is combined with a certain social system from that moment. Capital under the capitalist system reflects the essence of extracting value; capital under socialist conditions is combined with socialist production relations, a unique laws of socialist economy, and serving the goal of building a socialist modern state, obeying and obedience The basic economic system of the public ownership economy is unified in an organic combination of effective markets with the governments, efficiency and fairness, and is committed to serving the people -centered development. Grasp the era of capital with development. The essence of capital is a social relationship, with distinctive attributes. History tells us that capital has gone through the form of commodity capital, monetary capital, industrial capital, commercial capital, bank capital in the industrial and commercial era, and the combination of production and finance in the era of digital economy. Especially in the era of digital economy, the digital "wings" are inserted by capital, showing new powerful forces, becoming a "lubricant" and "double increase" of the modern economy.

  Grasp the duality of capital with dialectical vision. Capital is one of the most basic and active elements in economic activities, and is a powerful "progressive force". At the same time, the natural profit of capital is very easy to cause problems such as disorderly expansion and unfair competition.

We must neither deny the positive role of capital because of emphasizing the nature of socialism, nor can we release the disorderly expansion of capital because of the emphasis on the development of a market economy.

  Correctly use capital to standardize and guide the healthy development of capital in accordance with the law, give play to the role of developing productive forces, creating social wealth, and enhancing people’s well -being, and better promote the strategic positioning and mission tasks of the "three highs and four new". Give play to the active role of capital.

To promote the high -quality development of our province, various production factors, including capital, play a role.

Promote a better combination of capital and industrial development, and focus on the "four focus points" of enterprises, industries, industrial chains, and industrial ecology to promote capital into the real economy more and better support industrial development.

Promote better combination of capital and technological innovation, seize the "four commandings" of industries, technology, talents, and platforms, promote the deep integration of capital and innovation, and give birth to more new industries, new formats, and new models.

Promote the better combination of capital and reform and opening up, focus on the efforts of both ends of supply and demand, the effective market and the combination of the government, the "Belt and Road" and the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and the "four key points of the four key points of the international business environment of the rule of law, and the internationalized business environment. ", Promote the construction of high -ground reform and opening up in the inland areas.

Promote the better combination of capital and consolidating the foundation of development, guide various types of capital to participate in the construction of the five major areas of the five major areas, and accelerate the construction of a modern infrastructure system. Collaborative use of various types of capital. Correctly handle the relationship between various types of capital, promote its benign development and common development, and lay the economic foundation for the realization of common prosperity. Adhere to the public ownership as the main body, make stronger and superior capital, and play a guiding role in other ownership economies.

Adhere to the common development of various ownership economies, and give play to the major role of non -public capital in reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading, and sustainable and healthy development of the economy.

Adhere to the improvement of the open economic system, and strive to combine "introduction" and "going global" to attract more international capital to invest in our province.

  Standardize the development of capital.

Improve the market access system, strictly control the capital market entrance, and reasonably set up "traffic lights", especially in combination with the development characteristics and operating rules of the new format and new models, to timely make up for the rules and vulnerabilities and gaps; maintain the fair competition order of the capital market, and strive to clear each other Planting market barriers, strengthening antitrust and anti -unfair competition supervision and law enforcement, resolute antitrust, anti -profits, anti -sky -high, anti -malicious speculation, anti -improper competition; comprehensively implementing territorial supervision responsibilities, resolutely cracking down on power relying on power relying on power profits, profit -based benefits Acts, focus on investigating and dealing with corruption behind the disorderly expansion of capital and platform monopoly.