Yuping’s new type of urbanization allows a happy life to "add"

On March 2nd, walking on the streets and alleys in Yuping County, many streets have long changed their appearance.

On the section of Zhonghua Road (the bell and drum tower to Xinhua Bookstore), the laying of rain and dirt pipelines and pavement transformation have been completed, and the infrastructure has been successfully completed. "Now the peak period of people flow will not be congested, and travel is much more convenient.

"Citizen Zhao Haiyan told reporters that the road widened from 8 meters to 17 meters, and also planned parking spaces to add infrastructure such as sewage, rain, strong electricity, and weak electricity. Map Minimal. In recent years, Yuping has insisted on driving urbanization as one of the main strategies for the development of the county, focusing on optimizing urban functions, strengthening urban economy, inspiring urban vitality, and promoting urbanization to achieve leapfrog development.

Nowadays, the Beimenlang Bridge, Pingshan Park, Yang Plaza, Fengyu Bridge, along the river trail and other places have become a good place for residents to "add" the happy life of residents. New types of urbanization have rapidly improved.

Build the main urban development system with the interaction of Yuping and Dalong Economic Development District, integration of production and city, and integrated development. The construction is fully covered, and 2,220 households are renovated in the shantytown; the urban area is expanded from 14 square kilometers in 2016 to square kilometers, and the urbanization rate increases from%to%. The urban infrastructure is fully upgraded. Vigorously implement urban functional improvement projects, and the infrastructure of water, electricity, roads, information, oil and other infrastructure has been fully upgraded. New G320 National Highway and Qiyan Bridge are completed and opened to traffic. More than 93%, the treatment rate of no harm of domestic domestic waste reached 90%. Complete the transformation of 3 old communities, implement the supporting infrastructure of 18 affordable housing projects, build 14 squares of large and small squares, and implement people’s livelihood projects such as health trail kilometers. The urban infrastructure has been continuously improved, and the quality of the city has continued to improve. The level of urban management has improved significantly. The "Regulations on the Management of Urban and Rural Planning and Construction of Yuping Dai Autonomous County" and other local regulations and regulatory documents were introduced to achieve urban grid management. The effectiveness of comprehensive governance of rural environmental environment was obvious, and urban management gradually extended to town and villages. "Everyone in the streets, communities, parks, and squares is landscape." Citizen Zheng Yiguo said, "The recent changes in the city’s appearance have changed very much. In such a well -functional city, they are full of happiness.

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